Art Whimsy is Trending

Art whimsy might be trending these days.

01_Victoria_Falls_GC 220 x 646 pixelsGolfers and collectors are often familiar with the historical vintage “18 Infamous Golf Holes” by Loyal H. ( Bud ) Chapman, a championship golfer as well as acclaimed artisan.

The Bud Chapman Collection of the “18 Infamous Golf Holes” is a charming historical collection for the country club or for corporate art, also now available for the discerning collector. This original gicleé is a signed special limited edition available through TPK Golf.

Each set of gicleés is hand signed and remarqued and an authentic replica of the original watercolor. Individual prints will also be available for the discerning collector. Each original painting is watercolor and pencil, faithfully reproduced and mastered for matching palette as a series hallmark. Each print is 28″ x 36″ including border (image size: 23″ x 29.5″)bud 1

The paintings were also done in Bud Chapman’s style of “Surrealistic Realism” with a technique including a combination of brush strokes, scraping, and air brushing to achieve the beauty and realism of these fantasy holes. The original paintings were done on archival illustration board and have the appearance of beautiful oils, but are actually watercolors.

The first effort rendering whimsical interpretation of demanding *|MC_SUBJECT|*golf courses was entitled “Victoria Falls Golf Club”.  Seventeen more golf holes followed over the next 10 years that became the “18 Infamous Golf Holes” Collection.

These works also have reputed historical significance regarding modern golf course design.  World Class golf course architect Pete Dye had this to say about the “18 Infamous Golf Holes”:

“Bud’s innovative thinking certainly influenced many designers to make the contours a little steeper and the bunkers a little deeper and generally to think outside the box with new designs, and, in that way Bud made a great contribution to the game.”

bud golf digestThis historical collection, circa 1975, first appeared in Golf Digest Magazine and was later featured in Reader’s Digest Magazine as well as various TV talk showsThe series also has a world-class following with international distribution.

Each gicleé makes a magnificent verdant “wall” or artful themed grouping. This unique series will enchant collectors and engage any golfing audience.

A nationally renowned purveyor of fine leather golf accessories, TPK Golf is the official art dealer of the “18 Infamous Golf Holes” Collection. TPK Golf CEO Vlad Gribovsky is delighted to be representing this historical collection of whimsical golf art.  

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